Creation of Collingwood Indigenous Circle

Hi! I am Muckpaloo Ipeelie creator of the Collingwood Indigenous Circle (CIC) Group

The CIC group was created on Orange Shirt Day in September of 2021.

We are created to support each other on important days like Orange Shirt Day, Canada Day, MMIW&G, Changes of Seasons, Indigenous Month and Indigenous Day and more.

Together, we support each other in our unique needs. We are a social group and it is our first year of creating spaces for each other.

The Changes of Seasons Ceremonies include residents of the Town of Collingwood and area in an effort to bridge build with each other. We are also here just for each other outside of the Changes of Seasons Ceremonies.

Please join our facebook page to keep up to date, as we make impromptu gatherings depending on the needs of the members.