Our Community

Many Indigenous community members have been wanting a group like ours for many years. Our community is grass roots.

In March 2022 we had our first official gathering sponsored by the Unity Collective, Town of Collingwood and organized by Muckpaloo Ipeelie, an Inuk woman. Our first was Ceremony lead by James Carpenter for the Spring Solstice. It inspired community members to come forward to help organize future events. Since then we have continued to bring Change of Season’s Gathering for the Town of Collingwood to celebrate Indigenous ways of being through these gatherings. Please click “News” tab to read more.

Photo from Brook McIlroy Indigenous Design Studio and Photography by David Whittaker

Messages from our Community Members

Emily J.

“Growing up in Collingwood had its ups and downs. Though, my favourite memories are biking around Collingwood with my friends and jumping into the pier. There is also a lot of work to do for our indigenous community…. Our indigenous circle is working to take away that prejudice as we now have a safe place to be indigenous in Collingwood.”

Anarie M.

“I grew up in this area, and it’s been a struggle for me as I was always told by others that I’m not indigenous because of my features, it got to the point where I hid that part of myself for a long time, but as I turned into an adult I have reclaimed my indigenous heritage and culture, and am proud to be indigenous, the CIC warmly welcomed me no questions asked, and I felt accepted immediately, and felt connected to the community right away. I know through this group I will make meaningful connections to further my connection to my indigenous roots, and to make sincere and lasting bonds within the indigenous community.”

Sherry H.

“On the spring Changes of Seasons, I learned about the tradition of honouring the sun , moon and the earth.Also about smudging ceremony which I took part in. That is only a small part of what I hope to learn.”